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750 km2 (290 sq mi)




Unitary parliamentary republic


Eastern Caribbean Dollar

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About Cyprus Residency Program

Why to settle in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a country located in the Eastern Mediterranean has a very tax-friendly set of laws for individuals as well as companies. Here a few reasons why immigrants find Cyprus an ideal place to settle in.

  •  A reliable transport and communication system can be expected in every nook and corner of the nation.
  • A majority of the Cyprus population speaks English and the country provides high-quality healthcare, education and an abundance of good educational institutions. In terms of safety, it ranks among the 5th best! With just 5% VAT on property, one can say that the property tax in Cyprus is quite low
  • This is one of the safest nation of the world existing with a population of people less than 5 million.
  • The place is a splendid holiday destination.

Route to the citizenship of Cyprus:

The term itself is very self-explanatory! The investment-based residency program is aimed at individuals who are willing to settle and reside in the country by making a monetary contribution to the development of the country. Such investment programs are very quick and guaranteed. The Permanent Residency by investment option can be used by investing in real estate. It stands at one of the simplest investor visa application programs available in the European region. The requirements of the program are simple and can be summed up as

  • Validity: The permanent residency program can be passed down to spouse and dependent family members. The program has lifetime validity.
  • Investment: The monetary investment requires an amount of €300,000 for the sake of obtaining the permit to reside in Cyprus. The maximum numbers of properties which can be invested in are 2 once the limit reaches the mentioned limit of €300,000. Visa: The permanent residency program permission in the form of the final Cyprus Permanent Residency is granted within 2 months. The Visa is inclusive of parents of the main applicant and spouse along with dependent children who are within the age of 25.
    Takeaways from Cyprus Permanent Residency
  • Additional facilities: The permanent residents of Cyprus get access to world-class education and health care facilities.
  • Free Travel: This is one of the most attractive features of the permanent program. Once the permanent residency is approved, the concerned permanent residency holder has the freedom to move freely across Europe. The permanent resident and his family members are only mandated to visit Cyprus once in 2 years to maintain and continue the permanent residency.

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Why to settle in Cyprus

Cyprus is a country located in the Eastern Mediterranean has a very tax-friendly set of laws for individuals as well as companies