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We at Alliance Consultants call ourselves dream merchants! With a distinctive, individualistic, and responsive approach, we help the talented and skilled individuals to accomplish their dreams of studying, working, or settling abroad. Whether you want citizenship or residency through investment or are just looking for a job or course in a foreign country, we are always there to be your savior.

Our experts working at Alliance Consultants brag about being the best because they are privileged with years of experience and are familiar with every nut and bolts of the overseas affair. Being the best among the rest in the Middle East, we believe in the fact that every ambition is important, and so we emphasize at every minute detail regarding the relocation.

Flexibility is one of our different features because we have worked hard to fabricate packages that can be customized and altered according to the requirements of our clients. Interpretation of your visa requirements is no cakewalk, but with our experts, everything will be as easy as a breeze. This is why we have created a niche for ourselves in the past few years as the pioneer of professional citizenship and immigration consultants. We have successfully helped thousands of individuals to settle in various countries all across the globe, and we will continue to do so with myriads of professional experts. Through the sound knowledge of ethical Immigration laws, we provide end-to-end services directly to our clients. You can enquire about our market reputation, and you will be stunned to find a series of success stories of our happy clients who were provided with unparalleled immigration services. When it comes to reliability, we tend to be the best, and our motto is making your dreams come true

What do we have to offer?

Any immigration and citizenship oriented query or service isn’t exempted from our services. But there are certainly some fields that we specialize in, and we call them our distinctive services. Dive through some of these!

Skilled Immigration

Talented people are appreciated everywhere, and if you have the skills, then you can always search for opportunities in all parts of the world and get a job in a distant country through our skilled visa services.

Work Permit

Are you seeking work permit for working in a distant place around the globe? If yes then we can help you to get you work permit. Get your work permit and be free to work in places where you always dreamt of

Student Visa

Every talented aspiring youngster who wants to go abroad for higher studies to places like the USA, UK, New Zeeland, Australia, etc. can always take benefit of our services and get our assistance to guide them through the entire immigration process

Residency or Citizenship Through Investment

Do you want to be a part of any country by donating a portion of your hard-earned fortune to the country’s economy? Want to start your life afresh in the place of your dreams? If yes, then we can help you to get second citizenship in the country of your choice through real estate or entrepreneurship investment in any venture.

Visitor Visa

Do you want to travel the world around? Eager to see some places and tick them off from your travel bucket list? If yes then Visitors Visa can always be of help

Investor or Entrepreneur Visa

Do you want to push the horizons of your brick and mortar business and make it a well-known name in the rest of the world? If yes, then we can help you become a corporate giant or a potential foreign investor. Fly high and fly far because we can give you wings!