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Canada is simply the land of opportunities for those who are willing to explore a country that offers some of the best quality of life in the world. Here are some of the reasons why choosing Canada for stay can be a privilege:

  • The country officially opened its doors to skilled workers and professionals from the 1st of January 2015. The scheme was launched as the Express Entry Scheme for managing work applications relating to permanent residency and work visas.
  • The country serves as a major market to the traders across the globe and hence, is economically stable
  • The country even guards lawfulness sin the country giving safe lives to the people.
    Routes to avail Canada’s Permanent Residence
  • The Express entry program
  • The Provincial nominee programs

Who Can Apply For Citizenship Through Immigration Consultants In Dubai For Canada?

The procedure of getting skilled worker entry in Canada is easy with applications being processed at a fast pace. There is good news for the applicants with a majority of occupations covered under the Canadian skilled worker immigration and visa program. The program is also open for all professionals willing to migrate to Canada under a skilled immigration entry scheme.

  •  For professionals listed under the NOC (National Occupation Classification) O, A & B are also eligible for application under this system. The CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada have officially announced that there would be no caps on the number of applicants who can apply to migrate under this scheme. The process is based on a selection process where the choice would depend on the applicant’s merit.
  • There is a host of other factors that would also be taken under consideration like English Language Ability better known as IELTS test, Experience, Education and Age factor. Once the applicant is picked up, he or she would get an invitation to apply for Permanent Residency!
    The CIC department or the Canadian Immigration Department would issue the Visa within 6 months. The applicant selection is made from all the applicants who are trying to come and reside in Canada through the Canada Skilled Worker Immigration program.
    Fringe benefits of Canada Permanent Residency
  • Foreign Education Assessment based on Education Credential Assessment Report which is commonly abbreviated as the ECA.
  • Express Entry profile creation online which would act as a skill and qualification assessment platform for the applicants
  • Canada Job Bank site registration helps in getting better job opportunities
  • After the completion of the selection process, the applicant would be required to issue an invitation to apply which is commonly abbreviated as ITA! The case for Permanent Residency needs to be filed based on the ITA within an issuance period of 60 days.

Why go for Canada Permanent Residency?

Canada is simply the land of opportunities for those who are willing to explore a country that offers some of the best quality of life in the world.