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About Cyprus Citizenship

Cyprus makes it to the top of the list of Middle-Eastern nations wherein citizenship is much sought after

  • It is not only this country’s beautiful locales and the soothing Mediterranean climate that beckon migrants to its shores; but also, it’s healthy economy and high standards of living that make it the ideal country for settlers and their families from all over the world
  • Advantages for migrants range from low property taxes and real estate at budget prices
  • Furthermore, Cyprus is now a member of the European Union and has been an integral part of the British Commonwealth.
    Citizenship Made Easy with Cyprus Investment Program for Migrants
    In keeping with Cyprus’s immigration laws and its Investment Program; Alliance capital consultants is well able to provide the consultancy expertise needed to clear the path for citizenship in Cyprus
  • The Cyprus Investment Program, launched by the government in order to bring in foreign investments to bolster the Cypriot economy opens a door for citizenship minus a number of hassles that the regular route to citizenship may present
  • This Investment Program for Cypriot Citizenship was further updated by the government in 2016 to streamline the process even further for the benefit of foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and those with an interest in purchase of real estate in Cyprus
  • The revised scheme by the Cypriot Government allows for Cypriot Citizenship for non-EU residents with an interest in investing or building a business in Cyprus at a reduced investment rate of EURO 2 million. Furthermore, this scheme ensures that the immediate family of an investor, including spouse, children, and parents can apply for citizenship simultaneously. The need for citizenship application as a collective group can now be bypassed
  • Cypriot citizenship seekers may even choose to invest in other commercial ventures in the country at the tune of 2 million Euro. However, a real estate purchase of a minimum of Euro 500,000 with lifetime ownership is mandatory, and is inclusive of the 2 million Euro investment requirement to clear the path for Cypriot citizenship in keeping with its Investment Program
  • In keeping with the updated Cypriot Investment Program of 2016; investors seeking citizenship in Cyprus can now achieve this goal by purchasing real estate in the country worth 2 million Euros or more. Other qualifying factors are likely to be taken into consideration. Moreover, this investment in real estate can be realized for a profit with the sale of said property after a duration of three years.
    Citizenship seekers are almost always guaranteed returns on their investment in the Cypriot economy. Furthermore, Cypriot citizenship comes with additional benefits such as the right to live, study and work across the spectrum of 28 EU member countries in total.
    Hardships faced while seeking Cyprus citizenship?
    Investing 2 million Euros in a foreign country such as Cyprus is easier said than done. Knowing the ins and out of the Cypriot market for business, or even the real estate landscape is not possible for any and every one.
    How we help our clients?
    However, our firm has partnered with knowledgeable associates in Cyprus to streamline the path to citizenship through its investment program
  • We are well able to provide the consultancy expertise needed to ensure your investment in Cyprus pays off in the long run even; a vital requirement for those planning to make this country their home and place of business
  • The Cypriot Citizenship process in keeping with its Investment Program, can be successfully brought to fruition within 3 months. Alliance capital consultants is a collective of Cypriot citizenship experts at your service, to ensure just that.

Get Cyrpus Passport in Just 4-6 Months

Cyprus makes it to the top of the list of Middle-Eastern nations wherein citizenship is much sought after